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Franklin Benefits Meets with U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee to Discuss Solutions for Rising Healthcare Costs

Franklin Benefit Solutions met with U.S. Congressmen Dan Kildee to discuss our concerns about rising health-care costs and the implementation of Affordable Care Act. 

Congressmen Kildee was very receptive to the problems facing small business employers, to those who are provide quality health-care coverage and while keeping up with the changes in health-care.

“The atmosphere in Washington D.C. is very contemptuous. There are a lot of different opinions on the law. There are three schools of thought pertaining to Affordable Care Act. The first school thinks the entire law should be revoked; the second school believes nothing should be changed, all provisions in the act should hold firm; the third school, which I am a member of, believes in the overall philosophy of the Affordable Care Act – but, changes need to be made to improve the law, too strengthen it,” stated Congressmen Kildee. One of the most heated battles in Congress has to do with how the ACA defines what a full-time employee is. Currently under the ACA, businesses that employ between 50-99 full-time employees, those that work 30 hours a week are entitled to employer-provided health coverage.

Congressmen Kildee specifically noted,” we are aware of this problem, with the definition of full-time employees being moved to 30-hours a week.  We know many employers are reducing the hours of workers to less than 30 hours a week to avoid the coverage mandate for these employees. “

Franklin stressed that affordability was the main concern of our client’s and their employees.  With rate increases averaging 9% per year, and new ACA taxes and fees being  passed on down from the insurance companies onto employees, combined with the higher out-of pocket expense for families, small businesses and families are searching for solutions.

“I am open to ideas where we can improve “( Affordable Care Act), Congressman Kildee stated.


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