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Franklin Benefit Solutions

One of the only brokerage firms dedicated exclusively to understanding and meeting the health care and employee benefit needs of your organization. Working with all types and sizes of organizations, meeting your needs with insurance programs best suited for your organization. The result is often improved coverage and lower costs. Offering tangible, problem solving strategies in helping out with your organizations most pressing question…”How can I reduce my health care costs without reducing benefit levels?” Specializing in healthcare and employee benefit management allows us to obtain a deeper focus and expertise in that area. Click here for Team Bios.

Human Resource Partnership

From open enrollment to your annual healthcare audit, Franklin Benefit Solutions will act as an extension of your HR department; preparing budgets, offering comparative market analysis, negotiating with insurance companies. We keep detailed records of all of our correspondence, tracking all calls, letters, emails, helping out with paperwork, additions and deletions of employees; keeping you in compliance with Federal and State regulations.

Matchless Benefits

Offering additional value to improve your bottom line, we take a portion of our commission dollars and offer them to you in the form of free or discounted services and benefit programs-Cobra Compliance, Section 125 Plans, HIPAA Compliance, Summary Plan Descriptions, Wellness Programs.

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