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Through the use of our proven human resource system, we are able to help your staff reduce the time and energy spent on the administrative tasks associated with running a health insurance and benefits program.

Initial Setup
Sign an agent of record letter
Enrollment material signature ready
Develop employee kits
Employee meeting

Benefits Day
Provide lunch-n-learn for employees
Open enrollment
Review employee benefits
Questions & answer session

Ongoing Benefit Administration
New hire additions
Family status changes
Terminated employees
Federal compliance & regulations performed -HIPAA, ERISA, SPD's
Renewal Process

Transaction Audit System
Document all communications with client, employees and insurance companies using GBS Agency Expert
Detailed tracking including date and time of all emails, phone calls, faxes and e-mail

Direct Employee Help
Unpaid bills
Replacement cards
Claim problems
General benefit questions

Premium Savings & Benefit Analysis
Yearly analysis and review of options
Direct negotiate with insurance company
Provide customized enrollment materials

Wellness Programs
Improve the health of your employees Anti-Smoking Campaign Fitness/Walking Program Licensed Nurse on Staff

Section 125 Premium Only Plan
Offer cash in lieu of benefits Employees can save up to 30% in taxes Employers can save up to 7.6% FICA taxes

HIPAA Compliance Kits
Privacy Rules designed for your company Safeguards for business Legal documents provided

Summary Plan Descriptions
We meet all obligations under ERISA Documents provided for all health and benefit programs

COBRA Compliance Services
Mail initial notifications, handle qualifying event/termination letters, and answer all COBRA questions

Service Team Approach
Provide a single point of contact for all benefit issues. Weekly team meeting to proactively review client activity, tracking tools in place, highlighting every area of service

Other Services
Online enrollment, human resources and benefit management, including consolidated billing and electronic enrollment.

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